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Why Work With A Fiduciary Advisor?

Why Work With A Fiduciary Advisor?

Most financial professionals who fall into the category of financial advisors do not have any fiduciary responsibility to their clients. A fiduciary advisor is legally required to act in the client’s best interests. This includes full disclosure of compensation and any conflicts of interest. Of all the financial professionals who call themselves a financial advisor, less than 20% can call themselves a fiduciary advisor.

A non-fiduciary advisor is compensated for selling products and services. Often called stockbrokers or insurance agents, they can also be called financial advisors, financial consultants, or financial planners. They aren’t required to put investor interests ahead of their own. As a result, their recommendations often involve the purchase of products for which they receive a commission, making it difficult to call their advice conflict-free.

The investor always comes first at Foresight Investment Advisors. We are a registered investment advisor with a legal responsibility to always put our clients’ interests ahead of our own. Our advice is free of any conflict; we are a fee-only advisor. We serve as a trusted advisor in a fiduciary capacity, providing ongoing retirement income planning and investment strategies to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

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