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Foresight Investment Advisors (FIA) Retirement Companion Account

The FIA Retirement Companion Account advances the concept of a fixed index annuity. A separately managed account—not an insurance product—the FIA Retirement Companion Account employs a similar investment strategy to a fixed index annuity with the following benefits:

  • 100% liquidity with no surrender charges
  • Substantial reduction in costs and expenses allow for higher participation rates
  • Transparent investment holdings with fully disclosed fees
  • Availability to all investors regardless of age

Investment Objectives

The FIA Retirement Companion Account is designed to capture some of the upside of the equity market and minimize losses during down periods by incorporating the strength and stability of bonds with the growth and vitality of stocks. The unique dynamic allocation process helps protect principal and accumulated earnings.

The FIA Retirement Companion Account is available in three strategies:
Conservative seeks to maintain principal in down market years and average 50% of gains in up years.
Moderate seeks to average 75% of gains in up market years and lose no more than 8% in down years.
Ultra Conservative seeks to earn positive returns in down markets while receiving a smaller portion of gains in up markets.

Risk Considerations
An investment in the FIA Retirement Companion Account should be made with an understanding of the risks involved with owning common stocks and fixed income securities. Risks include, but are not limited to, a deterioration of either the financial condition of the issuers or the general condition of the economy.

The FIA Retirement Companion Account is designed for risk-averse investors with an investment horizon of five years or longer. The investor should expect both positive and negative account fluctuations, but less volatility than that observed in the stock market over a full market cycle.

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