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Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Capture Market Gains While Providing Stable Returns

With interest rates at historic lows and market volatility replacing the long-term bull market of earlier years, the economics have changed for those who invest in index annuities. The low interest rates and market volatility have combined to severely limit the upside potential for index annuity investors.

Additionally, due to increased complexity and liquidity constraints, government regulators have imposed suitability requirements limiting the availability of these products to those of retirement age. These reductions in upside opportunity and product availability have left many index annuity owners and their advisors wondering what other options exist for a conservative investment with upside potential.

The Foresight Investment Advisors (FIA) Retirement Companion Account enhances the concept of an index annuity by offering total liquidity, reduced costs, and fully transparent investment holdings.

Designed to capture a percentage of the gains in an up market while minimizing losses in a down market, the FIA Retirement Companion Account uses a dynamic risk management process that emphasizes equities in bull markets and fixed income in bear markets. While the FIA Retirement Companion Account does not provide the minimum guaranteed return of a fixed annuity or other features of an index annuity, the account offers several important benefits:

  • Disciplined and mathematically based rebalancing minimizes unnecessary trading expenses.
  • ETFs and index funds minimize expenses, risk of poor stock selection and inadequate security diversification.
  • These strategies are only available through Series 65/66 licensed professionals. These individuals are fiduciaries, who by law must always keep the client’s interest first.
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